4.0-175 Fa 8 anys Missed a accept error handler. Init instead of memset.
4.0-174 Fa 8 anys Fix accept() bug, which was using the wrong isRW for error conversion. Also fixed a debug issue where local_name is used uninitialised.
4.0-173 Fa 8 anys [Android] Change the names of the functions responsible for loading/saving config values in UserPreferences.java. Makes readability better, since they have names that actually go with each other now. ...
4.0-172 Fa 8 anys [Android] Rephrase a comment in VideoSettingsFragment.java.
4.0-171 Fa 8 anys .gitignore: Prevent Debugger directory from being removed again
4.0-170 Fa 8 anys [ARM] Update the ArmEmitter with a bunch of NEON emitters. This adds around 47 instruction emitters if I counted correctly. None well tested at this point. On going to add all the NEON emitters.
4.0-169 Fa 8 anys Missed OGL includes apparently.
4.0-168 Fa 8 anys Fix Windows vcxproj files.
4.0-167 Fa 8 anys [Android] Remove unnecessary equals comparison in VideoSettingsFragment.java in function SupportsGLES3(). contains() can handle this situation.
4.0-166 Fa 8 anys Fix MSVC project files
4.0-164 Fa 8 anys Fix updating the register even if an exception occurred in MMU mode.
4.0-163 Fa 8 anys Fix build issues on OS X i386.
4.0-162 Fa 8 anys Fix PixelShaderGen from the previous commit.
4.0-161 Fa 8 anys [Android] Missed a few things for PowerVR544MP3 'support.' It doesn't actually get any video output on it just like Tegra 4.
4.0-160 Fa 8 anys [Android] Fix an issue where emulation would crash if we couldn't retrieve GPU information. Also if we can't get the graphics information, give them the benefit of the doubt and enable the GLES3 optio...
4.0-159 Fa 8 anys Only emit the texgens if they are used, not every single time do all of them.
4.0-158 Fa 8 anys [Android] Remove unnecessary attributes from the ViewPager layout XML file.
4.0-157 Fa 8 anys [Android] Reflect the string change in the Tegra 4 support commit with the JP strings as well.
4.0-156 Fa 8 anys Big gameini database update. Remove most projection hacks enabled by default in gameinis since they are no longer needed after the removal of d3d9 and they can create issues. All of those were there t...
4.0-155 Fa 8 anys Merge branch 'd3d9-removal'.