4.0-363 Fa 8 anys More warning fixes, OSX build fix.
4.0-362 Fa 8 anys Use libpng for saving images. TODO: Needs threading done similiar to OGL backend. Fixes issue 6779.
4.0-361 Fa 8 anys build fix
4.0-360 Fa 8 anys more warning fixes
4.0-359 Fa 8 anys atlbase not needed. Interim fix until I get png done.
4.0-358 Fa 8 anys Windows requires memory to be included to use unique_ptr
4.0-357 Fa 8 anys Remove our two instances of auto_ptr and replace it with unique_ptr. auto_ptr has been deprecated.
4.0-356 Fa 8 anys Support texture and screenshot dumping using WIC, no XP support.
4.0-355 Fa 8 anys Revert "D3D: Reintroduce depencency on D3DX11 because it's the most straightforward way to bring back some broken features."
4.0-354 Fa 8 anys warnings and code formatting
4.0-353 Fa 8 anys Jit64: don't flush clean FPRs
4.0-352 Fa 8 anys Jit64: don't unnecessarily load registers
4.0-351 Fa 8 anys Jit64: use AVX instructions in some places
4.0-350 Fa 8 anys x64: support VEX opcode encoding
4.0-349 Fa 8 anys Jit64: Fix and re-enable psq_l for W=1
4.0-348 Fa 8 anys x64: detect FMA support
4.0-347 Fa 8 anys Jit64: micro-optimize ps_sel
4.0-346 Fa 8 anys Fix Bluetooth warnings
4.0-345 Fa 8 anys Fix format string warnings
4.0-344 Fa 8 anys Disable Fastmem on JIT64IL. JIT64IL is completely incompatible with Fastmem and doesn't need it since it has its own way to speed up memory accesses. This fixes the JIT64IL core, which I totally didn'...