3.5-1351 Fa 7 anys, 6 mesos [Android] Redo the Settings menu, Can now change the CPU Core, dual core setting, and video backend in the settings"
3.5-1350 Fa 7 anys, 6 mesos Removing ISO ini presence requirement for reading movie settings
3.5-1349 Fa 7 anys, 6 mesos [Android] Beginning of setting menu, doesn't do anything yet.
3.5-1348 Fa 7 anys, 6 mesos [Android] Add in the Android Studio project files so one can use Android Studio instead of ADT.
3.5-1347 Fa 7 anys, 6 mesos [Android] Copy over the Dolphin shared library to the Android APK build directory so it doesn't need to be manually copied each time.
3.5-1346 Fa 7 anys, 6 mesos [Android] Qualcomm driver has a bug where it returns an invalid length for GL_INFO_LOG_LENGTH with glGetShaderiv. Qualcomm drivers seem to max out at ~512bytes returned from glGetShaderInfoLog so this...
3.5-1345 Fa 7 anys, 6 mesos [Android] Support DFF files in the interface.
3.5-1344 Fa 7 anys, 6 mesos Merge branch 'ppd' - per pixel depth
3.5-1341 Fa 7 anys, 6 mesos Gameini database update. Fixes issue 6258, Where's Waldo? The Fantastic Journey missing ingame pointer, and Battleship font. Various small changes.
3.5-1340 Fa 7 anys, 6 mesos Fix the integer compare in our GLSL fmod function
3.5-1339 Fa 7 anys, 6 mesos DSPJIT: the shift value must still be loaded into the correct register
3.5-1338 Fa 7 anys, 6 mesos BPMemory: Fix a small documentation mistake from revision 9365187f8942.
3.5-1337 Fa 7 anys, 6 mesos Forced an external exception check on DI interrupts. Fixes Summoner: A Goddess Reborn.
3.5-1336 Fa 7 anys, 6 mesos fix underflow in IndexGenerator::AddFan
3.5-1335 Fa 7 anys, 7 mesos Use SOUNDTOUCH_INTEGER_SAMPLES only on Android build. Some audio backends (i.e. OpenAL) only support floating-point samples.
3.5-1334 Fa 7 anys, 7 mesos BPMemory: Add register documentation for texture source adress and EFB configuration.
3.5-1333 Fa 7 anys, 7 mesos FifoPlayerDlg: Improve navigating through search results.
3.5-1332 Fa 7 anys, 7 mesos [Android] More GLES3 things. Disable Framedumping and MSAA rendering. Remove the HLSL->GLSL shader defines since Qualcomm doesn't support this in their shader compiler. Now they get chosen in our shad...
3.5-1331 Fa 7 anys, 7 mesos [Android] Beginning of GLES3 support.
3.5-1330 Fa 7 anys, 7 mesos [Android] Add GLSLES3 to the GLSL version enums. Add in the version and precision qualifier to the shader header.