3.5-1871 Fa 7 anys, 8 mesos [Android] General cleanup. Add more documentation.
3.5-1870 Fa 7 anys, 8 mesos [Android] Change the .settings file to target Java 1.6 instead of 1.5.
3.5-1869 Fa 7 anys, 8 mesos [Android] Turns out the sidebar XML could also be simplified.
3.5-1868 Fa 7 anys, 8 mesos [Android] Simplify the XML layout for the about menu. Remove unused strings.
3.5-1867 Fa 7 anys, 8 mesos [Android] Remove fragments from the Android Manifest XML. These shouldn't be defined here (nor do they need to. They're fragments, not activities).
3.5-1866 Fa 7 anys, 8 mesos [Android] Format all Java files to be consistent.
3.5-1865 Fa 7 anys, 8 mesos [Android] Make the previous commit parlane approved in terms of boolean conditions.
3.5-1864 Fa 7 anys, 8 mesos [Android] Fix a bug in FolderBrowser.java which was causing an incomplete directory structure to show.
3.5-1863 Fa 7 anys, 8 mesos [Android] Make two class variables in InputConfigFragment private. If left the way they were, they could be accessed by other classes in its package, which is not intended.
3.5-1862 Fa 7 anys, 8 mesos Remove unused code from InputConfigFragment. This was for when the option to draw onscreen controls was in this menu instead of video preferences.
3.5-1861 Fa 7 anys, 8 mesos Fix the fix to AVX support detection
3.5-1860 Fa 7 anys, 8 mesos Remove outdated documentation files
3.5-1859 Fa 7 anys, 8 mesos [Android] Fixed a bug where the config files might not load correctly upon launch. If the initial files existed, it wouldn't load the configs. This fixes that.
3.5-1858 Fa 7 anys, 8 mesos [Android] Allow users to be able to choose where they want the APK installed.
3.5-1857 Fa 7 anys, 8 mesos Typo + Add Lima to the driverdetails.
3.5-1856 Fa 7 anys, 8 mesos Make us capable of supporting driver specific issues(OSS versus official)
3.5-1855 Fa 7 anys, 8 mesos ogl: enable glsl extension ARB_shader_image_load_store for early-z
3.5-1854 Fa 7 anys, 8 mesos [Android] Fix Android 4.3 from crashing on my devices. This was annoying to find.
3.5-1853 Fa 7 anys, 8 mesos [Android] Fix preferences from crashing. OSD controls was supposed to be boolean.
3.5-1852 Fa 7 anys, 8 mesos In Windows, if BBA can't connect to any TUNTAP device then throw a panicalert, not just an error log.