4.0-94 Fa 8 anys [Android] Remove commented out code within EmulationActivity.java. Since the back button handling has a specific purpose, this is no longer needed.
4.0-93 Fa 8 anys [Android] Tiny inline documentation cleanup.
4.0-92 Fa 8 anys [Android] Fix a situation within the FolderBrowser where the application would crash. listFiles() returns null when either the File object it's called on isn't a directory or if an I/O error happens (...
4.0-91 Fa 8 anys No need to std::move a return value. Thanks Billiard.
4.0-90 Fa 8 anys [Core] Fix a memory leak in NetPlayServer.cpp in function OnData().
4.0-89 Fa 8 anys Implement CR1 for the intepreter. To be honest I have no idea why this was never done previously, all it is is copying four bits from the FPSCR register to CR1. This fixes issue 2390.
4.0-88 Fa 8 anys Quick build fix.
4.0-86 Fa 8 anys Fix Imm8 check.
4.0-85 Fa 8 anys [ARM] Implement CR1 setting for the few floating point instructions that I have setting the flags. For the rest, drop to interpreter if it sets CR1. At that point it'll spam a panic alert. I don't qui...
4.0-84 Fa 8 anys Need to reload from XMM0 in this case.
4.0-83 Fa 8 anys Fix linux, attempt 2.
4.0-82 Fa 8 anys Fix linux, probably.
4.0-81 Fa 8 anys Fix changing wiimotes when starting netplay.
4.0-80 Fa 8 anys Save only the registers that need to be saved rather than going through ProtectFunction.
4.0-79 Fa 8 anys Fastmem writes for x86-64.
4.0-78 Fa 8 anys 2x banner images!
4.0-77 Fa 8 anys Check in 2x versions of Clean*. Thanks, MaJoR1!
4.0-76 Fa 8 anys Hack up wx to support @2x images in the toolbar. Oh please let's switch to Qt...
4.0-75 Fa 8 anys [ARM] fresx/fnmaddsx/fselx/frsqrtex/fnmaddx implementations.
4.0-74 Fa 8 anys Comment out wx change to set WS_POPUP.