3.5-1825 Fa 10 anys, 6 mesos [ARM] Disable faddsx since it causes problems in crazy taxi.
3.5-1824 Fa 10 anys, 6 mesos [ARM] Add mullwx, mulhwux and half implemented srawix instructions. Change fsubsx/fmulsx slightly, still broken.
3.5-1823 Fa 10 anys, 6 mesos [ARM] Add ASR/ASRS and UMULLS emitters.
3.5-1822 Fa 10 anys, 6 mesos NetPlayServer: Remove unused code
3.5-1821 Fa 10 anys, 6 mesos Add an INI option to not loop FIFO playback and stop emulation when it's done
3.5-1820 Fa 10 anys, 6 mesos [Android] Catch a more specific exception type (UnsatisfiedLinkError) when trying to load the main native Dolphin 'library'. Also made the logging tag more specific.
3.5-1819 Fa 10 anys, 6 mesos [ARM] JitASM miroops. No functionality change.
3.5-1818 Fa 10 anys, 6 mesos NetPlayProto: bump netplay version
3.5-1817 Fa 10 anys, 6 mesos Increases Gamecube pad polling rate during netplay to normal. Also re-add dualcore setting syncing to netplay, which I had erroneously removed.
3.5-1816 Fa 10 anys, 6 mesos [Android] Make the banners display a little larger. Now they don't look like tiny icons in the game list.
3.5-1815 Fa 10 anys, 6 mesos [Android] Fix Wii games.
3.5-1814 Fa 10 anys, 6 mesos Change per instruction run counts to u64 on all platforms. JIT64 and JITIL runcount isn't implemented properly(and is disabled) so this doesn't effect them.
3.5-1813 Fa 10 anys, 6 mesos Add an OSD message to remind the user if Shader Debugging is enabled
3.5-1812 Fa 10 anys, 6 mesos [Android] Prevent duplicate duplicate items from being in the game list at one time.
3.5-1811 Fa 10 anys, 6 mesos [Android] Change the Game List items to be formatted similarly to how the folder browser is. Also ensure the 'no banner' icon scales down to the same size as the other banners.
3.5-1810 Fa 10 anys, 6 mesos [Android] Ensure that required dependencies are actually exported along with everything else when the Android version builds. Without this, the support libs will not export and cause the emulator to c...
3.5-1809 Fa 10 anys, 6 mesos [Android] Simplify if statement conditions for the item click listener in FolderBrowser.java.
3.5-1808 Fa 10 anys, 6 mesos [Android] Shorten FolderBrowserItem's method 'isValidItem()' into 'isValid()' makes more sense and less redundancy in terms of 'item.isValidItem()' -> 'item.isValid()'
3.5-1807 Fa 10 anys, 6 mesos [Android] FolderBrowserItem objects don't need to store a context.
3.5-1806 Fa 10 anys, 6 mesos Update translation pot file.