3.5-1803 Fa 10 anys, 6 mesos In the EGL backend context interface, don't call eglMakeCurrent. This was only done to pull in some information to the info log. This is necessary since eglMakeCurrent binds the context to the current...
3.5-1802 Fa 10 anys, 6 mesos Put the shader info log at the end of the shader log file. This fixes issue 6495.
3.5-1801 Fa 10 anys, 6 mesos VideoConfigDialog: Rephrase "Hacked Buffer Upload" and its description to something less technical.
3.5-1800 Fa 10 anys, 6 mesos Prevent stopping emulation before fully booting. This can sometimes cause dolphin to crash.
3.5-1799 Fa 10 anys, 6 mesos On CoreParemeter member object creation make sure to set bEnableDebugging, bAutomaticStart, and bBootToPause to default values so they aren't unitialized. This caused a issue in particular on the Andr...
3.5-1798 Fa 10 anys, 6 mesos [Android] Make sure to unallocate the correct memory size in MemArena.
3.5-1797 Fa 10 anys, 6 mesos [Android] Fix a bug where the name would display incorrectly in the game list.
3.5-1796 Fa 10 anys, 6 mesos Fix compatibility with the SDL2.0 release.
3.5-1795 Fa 10 anys, 6 mesos Add some ifdef magic to GLFunctions.cpp to make it not directly dependant on GLESv3.
3.5-1794 Fa 10 anys, 6 mesos [Android] Fall back to using dlsym on ourselves to pull in OpenGL Functions when eglGetProcAddress fails. This fixes an issue on the Chromebook where I was forced to link to libGLESv2 and pull in the ...
3.5-1793 Fa 10 anys, 6 mesos D3DBase: Fall back to creating a normal context when debug fails
3.5-1792 Fa 10 anys, 6 mesos Revert "D3DBase: Don't pass the DEBUG flag when creating a device"
3.5-1791 Fa 10 anys, 6 mesos Fix a warning introduced by the recent netplay UI changes
3.5-1790 Fa 10 anys, 6 mesos properly clean up PerfQuery on OGL
3.5-1789 Fa 10 anys, 6 mesos [Android] Remove a redundant LinearLayout in one of the layout files.
3.5-1788 Fa 10 anys, 6 mesos [Android] Add a faint divider line between each folder browser item.
3.5-1787 Fa 10 anys, 6 mesos MemArena: Free memory for 64-bit machines
3.5-1786 Fa 10 anys, 6 mesos [Android] Remove the subtitles on all folders in the folder browser. No need to have the subtitle "Folder" when it's visibly indicated by the icon of a folder next to it.
3.5-1785 Fa 10 anys, 6 mesos NetPlay: Make sure the server knows it's stopped when it's stopped
3.5-1784 Fa 10 anys, 6 mesos Only call SetGenerationMode from BPWritten if the cull mode changed.