3.5-347 Fa 11 anys Re-enable a few more warnings.
3.5-346 Fa 11 anys For each of the recently added warning flags check to see if the compiler supports the flag before adding it.
3.5-345 Fa 11 anys Fix some shadowing warnings.
3.5-344 Fa 11 anys Remove this double flush in the idleskipping code.
3.5-343 Fa 11 anys hah, woops.
3.5-342 Fa 11 anys Hey Parlane. Fixed it.
3.5-341 Fa 11 anys I blame Billiard.
3.5-340 Fa 11 anys Fix for the fix that didn't fix.
3.5-339 Fa 11 anys 4000 warnings about not supporting a warning...
3.5-338 Fa 11 anys Preset HBeamPos to -1. Fixes NTSC-U N64 VC games.
3.5-337 Fa 11 anys Enabled more warnings. Get to work!
3.5-336 Fa 11 anys Gameini database update. Fixes issue 5135.
3.5-335 Fa 11 anys Duplicate condition fix.
3.5-334 Fa 11 anys Better implementation of revision 2cc1a97a66c2. Works with .gcz files now.
3.5-333 Fa 11 anys Remove deprecated method for accessing a gtk widgets window. Fix a debug build compiler warning.
3.5-332 Fa 11 anys Move the cmake option lines to the top of the Cmake file for easy viewing in vim.
3.5-331 Fa 11 anys Do not automatically refresh the game list for games that have "Emulation issues" written in their gameini after we open/close the iso properties.
3.5-330 Fa 11 anys Properly sort multi-disc games by title.
3.5-329 Fa 11 anys Removed the need for this temporary variable.
3.5-328 Fa 11 anys Cleans up EGL. Removes printf output with INFO_LOG and ERROR_LOG