3.5-1591 Fa 6 anys, 10 mesos fix AudioCommon::Mixer Buffer indices
3.5-1590 Fa 6 anys, 10 mesos [Android] Show the OpenGL ES 3 backend video option only on devices that support it.
3.5-1589 Fa 6 anys, 10 mesos Merge branch 'real-wiimote-fixes'
3.5-1586 Fa 6 anys, 10 mesos [Android] Show JIT cores based on host arch.
3.5-1585 Fa 6 anys, 10 mesos [Android] MIPS support...lol
3.5-1584 Fa 6 anys, 10 mesos [Android] Disable x64MemTools' backpatching. It isn't available on x86 anyway.
3.5-1583 Fa 6 anys, 10 mesos [Android] Undefine the swaps in Android completely, not just on ARM Android.
3.5-1582 Fa 6 anys, 10 mesos [Android] Derp Squad. Show compressed files in the browse folder dialog. Show in red text and if one clicks on it. Say we don't support compressed file formats.
3.5-1581 Fa 6 anys, 10 mesos Remove the cmake check for wxWidgets 2.8.9 that somehow got readded to the code before the correct check for wxWidgets 2.9.3/2.9.4. Also clean up the indentation in the CMakeLists.txt file.
3.5-1580 Fa 6 anys, 10 mesos Fix a couple of compiler warnings that have cropped up.
3.5-1579 Fa 6 anys, 10 mesos On linux check for a new enough system version of miniupnpc. Fall back to building the version in the externals if it is not available.
3.5-1578 Fa 6 anys, 11 mesos Disable UPnP on Android. (Sorry :()
3.5-1577 Fa 6 anys, 11 mesos Add UPnP support.
3.5-1576 Fa 6 anys, 11 mesos Make confirm on stop default enabled.
3.5-1575 Fa 6 anys, 11 mesos Fix ICC profiles in some of our PNGs (ic_drawer, Dolphin icon).
3.5-1574 Fa 6 anys, 11 mesos Disable LPF filtering in new-ax-hle
3.5-1573 Fa 6 anys, 11 mesos Implement AX command 0x11 (SET_OPPOSITE_LR)
3.5-1572 Fa 6 anys, 11 mesos LogWindow: Fix a bad initializer
3.5-1571 Fa 6 anys, 11 mesos Squash warnings from wx
3.5-1570 Fa 6 anys, 11 mesos Remove a warning from ARM includes already defining PAGE_SIZE and a warning in the FPR cache.