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Ryan Houdek
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Remove all instances of OpenCL in the Dolphin Project. A brief history of OpenCL in Dolphin. OpenCL was originally added to the Dolphin codebase 1 month after it was released with OS X Snow Leopard in 2009. OpenCL was one of the largest group projects that Dolphin ever has had. The OpenCL texture decoder was originally aded with version 1.0 of the OpenCL spec; This version didn't have the capability of a OpenCL-OpenGL interop which would allow for uploading textures once and have it decoded directly to a OpenGL texure. This was to be worked out when the OpenCL 1.1 spec was released and allowed the interop. This work has never been done, and no one in the team is willing to work on it for various reasons. OpenCL has had the unreasonable expectation that it increases the performance of video games that require a large amount of EFB copies like NSMBW. In reality, enabling OpenCL just put the graphics card in a higher power mode which increased the game speed. This is due to the unfortunate effect of Dolphin tending to not push GPUs out of their lower frequency power savings modes. Thanks to everyone that had contributed to the OpenCL texture decoder.