3.5-2425 Fa 8 anys ogl: don't PanicAlert on shader compiler warnings
3.5-2424 Fa 8 anys [ANDROID] Add two new DriverDetails bugs for Adreno. V45 of the driver has broken shader compilation with UBOs in the shaders, this is most likely fixed with V53 found in the Nexus 5. Add a bug for is...
3.5-2423 Fa 8 anys [Android] Use a simpler "startActivity()" call in DolphinEmulator.java. Turns out the other one isn't 4.0 compatible, but actually only 4.1 and up. Also, in this case, we really don't actually care ab...
3.5-2422 Fa 8 anys Fix indentation in function PSO_MakeSaveGameValid() in GCMemcard.cpp.
3.5-2421 Fa 8 anys Revert "ogl: change the default buffer upload on osx+nvidia"
3.5-2420 Fa 8 anys [ARM] Fix the FPR cache to not have to dump registers after every instruction. Add mullwox instruction.
3.5-2419 Fa 8 anys [ARM] Fix VSQRT/VCMP/VCMPE/VCMPE0/VCMP0 emitters when using the high 16 double registers.
3.5-2418 Fa 8 anys Add WBFS to the file extensions supported by Dolphin on OSX
3.5-2417 Fa 8 anys Add * to the characters leading a verbatim line (used in Gecko codes comments)
3.5-2416 Fa 8 anys Really fix reading projection hacks from game inis.
3.5-2415 Fa 8 anys Fix reading projection hack from game inis in ISOProperties.
3.5-2414 Fa 8 anys Set L/R buttons in tas input, instead of just the analog triggers.
3.5-2413 Fa 8 anys [ARM] crand/crandc/creqv/crnand/crnor/cror/crorc/crxor/mcrf/mfcr/mtcrf/mtsr/mcrxr/mfsr implementations.
3.5-2412 Fa 8 anys [ARM] Renables load instructions with update.
3.5-2411 Fa 8 anys, 1 mes [Android] Slightly change the layout of the AboutFragment. Looks more like an actual list view now.
3.5-2410 Fa 8 anys, 1 mes [Android] Make the AboutFragment extend the ListFragment, since this is basically what this fragment acts as. Much more descriptive than simply extending Fragment.
3.5-2409 Fa 8 anys, 1 mes Fix two wrong opcodes in the x64Emitter. PEXTRW and PINSRW were actually writing PCMPGTB opcodes. Thanks for the help Sintendo.
3.5-2408 Fa 8 anys, 1 mes Gameini database update. Fixes issue 6531. Fixes issue 6532.
3.5-2407 Fa 8 anys, 1 mes [ARM] Flush the fpr cache between every instruction. Do this until I figure out what is destroying the FPR register states.
3.5-2406 Fa 8 anys, 1 mes [GLES3] Enable support for primitive restart.