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[Android] Tegra 4 'support.' This brings up the OpenGL backend to support Tegra 4 to the point where it will run games but it doesn't have any video output for some reason. This is a large change that doesn't actually change much functionally. Walking through the changes. It changes the string in the Android backend select to just OpenGL ES. Adds a check in the Android code to check for Tegra 4 and to enable the option to select the OpenGL ES backend. Adds a DriverDetails bug under BUG_ISTEGRA as a blanket case of Tegra 4 support. The changes that effects most lines in this change. Removing all float suffixes in the pixel/vertex/util shaders since OpenGL ES 2 doesn't support float suffixes. Disables the shaders for reinterpreting the EFB format since Tegra 4 doesn't support integers. Changes GLFunctions.cpp to grab the correct Tegra extension functions. Readds the GLSL 1.2 'hacks' as GLSLES2 'hacks' since they are required for GLSL ES 2 Adds a GLSLES2 to the GLSL_VERSION enum. Disable the SamplerCache on Tegra since Tegra doesn't support samplers... Enable glBufferSubData on Tegra since it is the only mobile GPU to correctly work with it. Disable glDrawRangeElements on Tegra since it doesn't support it, This uses glDrawElements instead.